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Bomton faces have since 2011 been personalities, who serve as inspiration for others with their style, and Bomton Studio can meet their demands for top-notch appearance care. In other words, someone with whom it is a joy and an honour for us to create together. At the very beginning of this role, to our great delight, the top model – and above all, a beautiful lady – Daniela Peštová took on this task, representing the Bomton brand and its values for four years. In 2016 and 2017, the role was taken on by the model, philanthropist, and also the holder of the title Miss World, Taťána Kuchařová. We also greatly enjoyed the excellent cooperation with Leoš Mareš. We like to revisit this presentation, at least in the form of pictures from previous years, and you can take a look back with us here.

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Inspired by the transition from the 60s to the 70s with the spirit of hippies and the more distant influence of Native American and Eastern cultures. The styling combines lightweight materials with bold colours and patterns. Along with layering, we achieved a dynamic silhouette of the body. In the spirit of inspiration, nude make-up is also the focus. Its foundation is a very natural look, which we slightly adjusted for each styling. The look is completed with natural blonde hair shades, focusing on a slightly wavy, airy, and tousled texture, achieved with Sachajuan products. This light carelessness and perhaps even imperfection are currently a trend that highlights the power of natural beauty.




In contrast to other campaigns, in this one, we work with just one very versatile haircut that can be adjusted into many different forms. Why not wear your hair in a ponytail one day, leave it straight another day, or sweep it away from your face at times? In this campaign, we wanted to suppress Tatiana's romantic look and focus on the “chameleon” style of contemporary rock stars who are capable of changing their appearance almost daily and daring to experiment.




The hairstyles in the visuals with Leoš are variable and add dynamism. The first visual expresses the “seriousness and tenacity of business”, the second the brash and youthful lifestyle of the street. The first visual expresses “the seriousness and relentlessness of business,” while the second one represents a bold and youthful street lifestyle. The last hairstyle with a visible part on the side creates an elegant yet relaxed impression.


Cooler shades were chosen along Daniela´s face, while a more natural colour was applied to the hair roots. The foundation is hair texture, messy styling, light tousling, broken waves with straight ends, a visible part in the middle, and a natural beach look.




The current visuals are significantly different from last year's and showcase Daniela and Bomton Studio's style in a new light. Natural beauty, relaxation, healthy self-confidence, a youthful attitude towards oneself – all of these are evoked by these photographs. Once again, the top model confirmed her reputation as a chameleon who can radically change her appearance with ease. A perfectly coordinated team, headed by Daniela Peštová, created a unique series of photographs – perfectly stylish, clean, fashionable, and at the same time, exceedingly natural. The photos depict a self-confident woman, naturally beautiful, full of energy, changeable yet constant, and always herself. A single glance at the latest campaign confirms Bomton Studio's motto – “Beauty is what we do.”