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Which haircare products is the BOMTON team currently recommending and why?

The best results of our work are not only achieved through creativity and perfectly mastered craftsmanship. High-quality hair care products play a crucial role in the health and appearance of your hair. We place great emphasis on the choice of what we work with and what we recommend to our clients. What our team cannot do without in our work right now and why?

Bomton Studio Bomton Beauty


Shampoo for Beautiful Color

“Colored hair requires targeted care during the summer season. This is essential both for maintaining a perfect and vibrant shade achieved in the salon and for providing maximum nourishment. Oribe for Beautiful Color delicately cleanses and strengthens the hair, protecting it from oxidative stress, the negative effects of sunlight, or heat styling. It revitalises damaged hair sections and preserves the brilliance and richness of the colour. Additionally, it offers UV protection. Therefore, it's one of my top summer favourites.”

Jakub Jetmar


Bomton Studio Bomton Beauty


Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo

“I practically cannot do without the Sachajuan Ocean Mist line all year round. It has truly amazing properties. But at first glance, this care looks like it was made for the summer. The Ocean Mist Shampoo is absolute essential and rightly a bestseller. It gives your hair strength, shine, and structure. It is also available in a travel-sized version (along with the conditioner), so you do not have to experiment with hotel shampoos.”

Jindřich Machuta

Creative Director

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