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A visit to Studio Bomton is just your moment. From the very first moment, we do everything for your comfort. Our utmost focus on your needs, questions, feelings, and experiences allows us to refine your style to absolute perfection. We invest so much energy in the professional training and continuous development of our hairstylists that we can always say, “You are being taken care of by the very best. Besides perfect techniques and staying up-to-date with trends, our principle is to work only with top-tier proven products.  We are progressive, we follow trends, but we do not experiment with your style.” We let it shine.

Choose from our range of services and treatments for the best appearance and feeling.


Bomton Studio kadeřnictví


Our first step is to take care of your comfort. We will provide you with a professional consultation regarding every service you are considering or interested in, down to the smallest details. The consultation is always free of charge.

Bomton Studio kadeřnictví


A hair styling technique in which voluminous and full hairstyles are created using a hairdryer. Part of the service includes a gentle hair wash with a head massage before the actual styling, which creates the hairstyle with the desired volume and structure.

jedna délka.png


Hair styling and shaping, in which we adjust the hair length or create a new haircut style according to the client's wishes and our agreed recommendations.

Bomton Studio kadeřnictví


A hair colouring technique in which fine light strands are created on a darker hair base. We recommend it both for natural hair highlights and as an option to create a contrast between lighter and darker sections.

Bomton Studio kadeřnictví


The technique of specific colour rejuvenation for your hair, which gives it a favoured effect, similar to the lightening of the hair due to the sun’s rays. During this service, lighter shades are applied to the hair, which visually brighten the entire hairstyle.

Bomton Studio kadeřnictví


This service is a correction of changes in the shade of both coloured and non-coloured hair. It helps improve or correct the colour, or neutralize unwanted undertones.

Bomton Studio kadeřnictví barvení


Hair colouring is a procedure in which the original hair colour is changed to the desired new colour using the application of dye or chemical products. This service also allows for a change in the hair’s appearance by adding more shades, highlighting certain sections, or creating contrasting effects.

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This service corrects the difference between the coloured part of the hair and the newly grown hair with the original shade. Colour or a chemical product is applied only to the non-coloured sections, unifying the overall colour tone to achieve the look of the primary colouring.

Bomton Studio kadeřnictví


A customized hairstyling service tailored to the customer's specific preferences. A hairstyle created for a significant occasion, coordinated with the style of clothing and chosen accessories. The result is an exceptional hair appearance and hairstyle that emphasizes flawlessness.

Bomton Studio kadeřnictví


Increasing hair volume, adding waves, or enhancing curls. The effect achieved through a simple chemical process leading to a change in hair texture.

Bomton Studio kadeřnictví


The technique of shortening and shaping hair using a clipper. This adjustment is effective for shortening hair on the sides and the top of the head, but it can also be used for an overall hair reduction.

Bomton Studio kadeřnictví


Empathetic and gentle hair treatment for children up to five years old, including a hair cut, shaping and styling.

Bomton Studio kadeřnictví


A service that combines hair length or shape adjustment with an appropriate hair colouring process.



A comprehensive service focused on both care and, above all, cutting, shaping, and grooming of beards, including moustaches and facial hair.


Bomton Studio acid bonding concentrate


Effective hair care by the Redken brand for a complete transformation. The most concentrated care for perfect rejuvenation, intensive treatment, and protection against colour fading. It transforms all hair types and textures, even the most demanding, and those that have undergone a chemical process.


Treatment that addresses issues with dandruff, problematic scalp, itching, oily hair, or hair loss. Peeling by the professional Sachajuan brand effectively removes dead cells and the layer of dry scalp. This stimulates blood flow in the scalp, promoting its vitality and healthy hair growth.

Bomton Studio peelinng vlasové pokožky
Bomton Studio renewal remedies


A revolutionary salon hair treatment from the Oribe brand. A range of diverse solutions allows for a customized selection of a specific treatment. Its highly effective formula helps holistically restore hair health, improve its condition, and protect it from roots to ends. The hair will be radiant, perfectly smooth, and visibly healthier.

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