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The prices for our team's hairdressing services are divided into four levels. It goes without saying that all of them represent top-quality work, professionalism, empathy, and sensitive care. Our junior colleague, who is at the beginning of his career, will take care of you just the same. Higher price levels reflect professional and creative growth, as well as the increasing ability to offer unique solutions.


The hairdresser meets our high standards of care and expertise. His career is just beginning, and he is improving in his experience. 



Thanks to his longer experience, the hairdresser guarantees the highest quality care, benefiting from additional expertise. His work includes both classic and trendy techniques, as well as exceptional hairstyles. 



A hairdresser of the highest professional level also offers his own creative ideas. Thanks to experience and talent, he provides clients with new and individual solutions in both cutting and coloring. 


Is the pinnacle professional category in our studio, guaranteeing the highest level of service and creativity, making them a top performer in the field.

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